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Troy Pickard interviewed by KATU news

Last night, local news station KATU covered a story of another Portland family struggling with damage to their home and a laggard landlord. Troy Pickard was interviewed by KATU reporter Chelsea Kopta as an expert in Landord-Tenant law. Troy spoke with Chelsea about how many landlords feel that it is ok to allow their tenants…

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Troy Pickard appears on local KOIN 6 news

Once again, attorney Troy Pickard was featured on the local news. See below for the full story and interview: Tenants say management ignored their concerns   PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Many low income and disabled people living in a SE Portland apartment complex said on Monday that the management company has forced them to live…

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All about landlord-tenant security deposits and fees

Many tenants call Portland Defender every week with questions about security deposits and fees charged by landlords. We’ve just put together an informative article that can help answer some of those questions: click here to learn more.

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