Our clients are always eager to share how happy they were with the service they get from Portland Defender. Here are a few recent client reviews we have received. 

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It’s important to remember that any results we achieve for a client in one particular case does not necessarily mean that similar results can be obtained for another client in a different case, because every case is different.

There are no words that can properly express my family’s gratitude for this hardworking attorney… His honesty and straightforwardness won our absolute trust and became a very positive experience. He is not one to be pushed around so I never had to worry about him throwing in the towel and the due diligence on this case proved to be just another winning factor… [Troy Pickard] will be the lawyer that I will always recommend and go to if the need arises again.

[Troy Pickard] is amazing. Very patient lawyer who had me to deal with as a client. He took control of the case — great knowledge of the law. Worked well with opposing counsel. Overall result of the case was exactly what we were suing for. He took an interest in getting things set right and made me feel at ease that he was handling the case. I highly recommend this lawyer.

He managed to negotiate with my landlord and the property owners and in the end I got nearly an entire month of free rent, almost all of my legal fees were reimbursed and the eviction case was dropped on the condition that I leave a month earlier than my lease specified. I was extremely happy with Troy’s level of expertise and would gladly recommend him to anyone who is being wrongly accused of violating their lease.

Mr. Pickard did exactly what he said he would. I went to see him about a misdemeanor charge and he got all the charges dropped. The judge said I was going to get sentenced to 48 hours of community service, and loss of license for 3 months. Mr. Pickard was a pleasure to work with, it was my first time dealing with attorneys and it was so much better then I expected.

After having consultations with multiple attorneys in the area, choosing Troy was the right decision. I was being charged with a misdemeanor theft III charge that threatened to ruin my career opportunities after college. Troy took charge of my situation, putting me at ease throughout the entire process. He was very reassuring and confident in the information and guidance he provided to me, while genuinely caring about my situation.