Skip Small Claims Court in Oregon

So, you’ve got a “small” case for just a few thousand dollars – it’s not a multi-million dollar case, but it’s a big deal to you.  Should you take your case to small claims court?  Probably not, because if you skip small claims court, you may be able to get the other side to pay for your attorney!

Oregon has a very powerful law that many people do not know about, an “attorney fee statute”.  It is a great weapon for many people with smaller cases.  It applies to most situations involving injury or wrong to people or property where the

A good attorney can use this law to put a lot of pressure on the other side.

Say you’ve got a landlord who owes you $2,000.00; or you were in a car accident and want $9,000.00 in “pain and suffering.”  Your attorney can demand this money from the other side and, if they don’t pay up, you can sue.  If you wind up winning your lawsuit, the court can force the other side to pay for your attorney, which can be thousands of dollars – more money than what you were suing for in the first place.

It can be a very-effective way to make sure you get your money with as little trouble as possible.  Let your attorney do all the work!

If you have a “small” case that you think could benefit from this law, call Portland Defender at (503) 592-0606.  We’ll evaluate your case for free.