Not Guilty in Clackamas County – Assault

Earlier this week, Portland Defender attorney Troy Pickard successfully defended his client against a serious assault charge in Clackamas County. In case State v. A.B., Troy Pickard’s female client was accused of beating another woman so badly that the woman’s pregnancy miscarried. The jury found the defendant not guilty and she was immediately released. During…

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Beware of slippery jury instructions

The prosecutor will do many things to hurt defendants in criminal cases.  Sometimes, they will even attempt to get the court to issue unconstitutional jury instructions. In the recent Oregon Supreme Court case Oregon v. Schwab (9/16/2010), Justice Kistler’s concurring opinion pointed out that prosecutors in some Oregon counties are increasingly confronted defendants with an…

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Consult a Lawyer Before Being Breathylized

Hopefully you will never be arrested for a DUI.  But, if you ever find yourself under arrest, you have the right to consult with an attorney before deciding whether to take a breath test. This is nothing new – Oregonians have had this right at least since 1988, when the Oregon Supreme Court issued its…

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