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Attorney Troy Pickard interviewed by KGW about “squatters”

Today, KGW aired an interview with Portland Defender’s managing attorney about the issue of “squatters” and whether squatters in Oregon have rights. The bottom line is that squatters in Oregon do not have any special rights, although the reality of Oregon’s court processes mean that, perversely, it may actually take longer for a homeowner to…

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Eviction Expungements

Portland Defender has been hard at work representing hundreds of clients in landlord-tenant matters. But we have ALSO been hard at work on a new law that will allow certain tenants to erase prior eviction cases! The Oregon Senate has just passed S.B. 873 and the same bill will hopefully soon be passed by the…

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What is a deposition?

If you sue someone, or if someone else sues you, there is a good chance that you might be required to sit down in an office, swear an oath to tell the truth, and answer questions from the other side’s lawyer. That process is called a deposition. There is no judge or jury at a…

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